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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Sex in India

The term sex is still considered as a taboo in India. The attitudes toward sexuality have changed to a certain extent, but it is not enough to decrease sexual crimes in the society. The recent gang rape in a bus in Delhi has sparked anger among the citizens of India and it has led to various protests to implement a strict law to punish the rapists. It is necessary to punish the sexual offenders, but more than that stopping sexual assault should also be taken into account seriously.

In ancient times India followed a liberal attitude towards sexuality, Kamasuthra which was still considered as the best text on human sexual behavior is from India, and one can see nude sculptures in Indian temples. After the invasion of Muslim rulers followed by British, India reversed its attitudes towards sexuality. India at present is caught in a confused stage because of its progress towards sexual revolution.

Sex plays a major role in marital relationship. One of the reasons for the break up between couples is due to sexual problems, they feel ashamed to admit it due to fear of ridicule by the society and put the blame on something for their separation. Couples rather than approaching a professional to solve this problem, seeks advice from their known one’s who misguide them due to lack of understanding on this issue. Many people were reluctant in sharing their sexual desires even with their partners and repress it, which leads to various problems.

Indians are suffering from gymnophobia.Nudity is seen only in a sexual perspective ,so in circumstances where nudity is required they feel very uncomfortable and also whenever there is a wardrobe malfunction or undressing takes place, people involve in voyeurism. Due to voyeurism, many Indians are unwilling to do certain task in public.

Sexual assault has been increasing day by day in India; many cases were unreported because of the fear of the process a victim has to undergo to get justice and sometimes law will not take any action because of the influential background of the offender. There are many cases pending in court and in many incidents the offender has not been punished and left free. Media also fails to follow the issue. In many cases the offender will be close to the family members, so the families itself decide not to report this issue because the society has created a fake image as if sexual victims have no future and also families consider it as a shame to expose the crime.

 Whenever there is an incident like this, the opinions of people will differ. There are some narrow minded people who without knowing anything about the History of India but in order to achieve fame and political gain blame the modern lifestyle of women in India for the cause of sexual crimes. These people play a major role in distorting the Indian culture, they self claim themselves to be righteous. Unfortunately, there are many women who talk in this way because of the jealousy on other women. Until India gets rid of these people, who was a stumbling block to the nation’s development, sexual assaults will continue in India. I don’t understand how these people talk ill of the western culture but use western inventions, products and get loan from western countries.

 A woman scientist made an utterly illogical speech about women being raped, she criticized women for the cause of sexual assaults, for which she faced lot of criticism but was reluctant to apologize, but one of her statement can be taken into consideration.She said that the Delhi rape victim could have surrendered to the rapist in order to save her life. In case if there is no option available to escape in a sexual assault, surrendering is considered to be one of the options. A woman will not become immoral because of surrendering; she surrenders not for the pleasure but to save her life, in order to fight back effectively against these sexual offenders. Many women feels that a woman should rather die than surrendering but when you see it in victims family perspective, they would have never wanted the victim to die, no one wants our near or dear ones to die in these barbarous acts. There are many women who have surrendered to sexual assault and fought back bravely to get justice, these women did not become impure but more pure by helping other victims to lead a normal life. Surrendering has its own pros and cons, sometimes surrendering saves life but sometimes it may lead to death.

The tragic incident in Delhi has brought to light many incidents happening in our country. Politicians as usual tried to escape from this incident, but the continuous, energetic, and courageous protestors sent a shock to them. The protestors demanded Death penalty or Castration for the offender. India very much needs severe punishments for these offenders but this alone will not decrease the rate of sexual crimes. In countries where punishments are severe, still sexual crimes are prevailing, in these countries media is censored, so many incidents does not come to light. A person who is involving in sexual crime, at that moment will not care about the punishments. In some countries where the rate of sexual assault is low does not have a strict law for sexual crimes, but their approaches towards sexual attitudes are moral, liberal and broad minded.

Adolescent stage determines one’s attitude towards sexuality. In this stage curiosity about sexuality will be higher, if proper guidance is given in this stage, it will play a crucial role in decreasing sexual crimes. In India, adolescents are not given proper guidance, Parents and teachers who have the responsibility to guide in this stage, fail to do it. They treat sex like an abomination. So naturally the adolescents start to explore about sexuality by themselves and lands in pornography which not only misguides them about sex but divert their concentration, leading to academic failure and those who avoid exploring by themselves and was successful in academics, fails in family life.

One of the main reasons for the increase in sexual crimes is due to lack of understanding about sexuality. In order to remove this lack of understanding government should implement sex education not only in academic institutions but also in work places and special concentration should be given to socially and economically backward population and the task of teaching should be handed over to social organizations. The NGO’s should help the victims in the process of getting justice and people should be taught to approach the right place to get an effective justice. If someone comes across this situation, they should first approach some social organizations and with their help should file a complaint to the police. Only proper understanding about sexuality will lead to gender equality.

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