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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Oppurtunity to Exploit

I along with my friend went to a hotel to book a room.While we were booking,a group of young westerners who were staying in the hotel came and inquired the receptionist about the availability of clinic or hospital nearby.The receptionist who was able to communicate with a little English said that there is a clinic nearby but doctors will be available in the clinic only in the morning and said that in case of emergency they have to go to hospital which is situated 3 kilometers away from the hotel and added that the hotel will arrange for the travel.

The westerners said that it is not an emergency,they just need a check up and requested them to get an appointment in the clinic nearby and inquired about the price.The receptionist said that the hotel authorities will get the appointment and told them that it will cost around 1500 rupees for a consultation.We interrupted and told the receptionist that no doctor will charge such high amount for a consultation and told the westerners that it will cost only less than 500 rupees.

The westerners were staring at the receptionist and us.They were not able to take any decision.In the meantime the receptionist called some of the employees of the hotel and without knowing that my friend is an advocate,they started to threaten us saying that they will hand us over to police and told the westerners that we does not know anything.My friend asked them to call the police and handed over them his business card.When they came to know he is an advocate they started to talk with us in a friendly manner and said that they will give a commission from the money they get from the westerners.We warned them that if we came to know another incident such as this,we will file a case in the court.

We introduced ourselves to the westerners and inquired about their purpose of visiting India.We came to know that they are students who have come here for a project and they hired a room in the hotel temporarily as they could not get any hostel.We then contacted one of our professor and he arranged a hostel for them.The hostel will now take care of all their needs.Later,we came to know that they were exploited by so many persons in  India especially by Taxi/Auto Drivers,Small Shop owners etc.

Western Countries are very often blamed for exploiting our nation and influencing our culture. It cannot be denied that Western Countries are exploiting us whenever they get an opportunity,but what we do is also the same. The only difference between them and us is,they are doing in a large scale and we in small scale. Indian culture is said to be the oldest and richest.Our culture teach us to welcome the guest/tourist and treat them with full respect.

Are we true to our culture or we using it for our self gain?This question should be answered.It is the duty of each and every citizen of India to safeguard our culture.The exploiters should keep in mind that indirectly they are playing a part in destroying India.This is just one of the incident,there are several such incidents happening daily in India.The well wishers of India should take steps to prevent such kind of exploitation.Do not go as if you haven’t noticed anything when you come across such situations,you should voluntarily help the tourist.If we fail to stop exploitation,it will create a negative opinion on our culture.

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