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Monday, 30 July 2012

A smoker may be a good person but smoke is always bad.

It is an open fact that active smokers are prone to various deadly diseases but recent studies suggest that passive smokers are also in the risk of getting deadly diseases. An active smoker is a person who is addicted to the habit of smoking and a Passive Smoker is a person who inhales the smoke emitted by an active smoker.

Smoking causes disease,disability and death in both active and passive smokers.Some of the disease are Cancer,Heart Problems, Lung Infections,Skin Disorders,Premature Birth,Infant death etc. It It is estimated that Active Smoking causes 6 million death per year and Passive Smoking causes 600,000 death per year.In Passive Smoking most often the victims are from the close circle of active smoker especially Children and Women.

Some argue that smoking gives relaxation and others have learned it considering it as style.A smoker will involuntarily falls into addiction and will find very difficult to rescue himself.They fail to recognize that it will give them only temporary pleasure and soon they will be introduced to a lifelong stress.

An active smoker in later period of life is forced to spend his wealth acquired through his hard work to medical bills due to the deadly diseases he is going to acquire because of smoking.Smokers do not think that how horrible it will be for them to undergo the suffering of the deadly diseases they are going to acquire because of smoking.

Active Smokers are now making others also to suffer with them and unfortunately the victims are often from their close circle.The smoke emitted through them by smoking is causing deadly diseases to those who inhale the smoke. It is a kind of cruel murderous act.It cannot be claimed that it is not a crime as there is no legal punishment.No punishment is more worse than guilty conscious.

If you have a human heart and do not want your loved ones to meet a horrible death due to your selfishness.Quit smoking today,If you have determination you can do it.Many Consultants are there to help you quit smoking.Do not be ashamed to approach these consultants because you are approaching them only for a noble cause.

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