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Monday, 16 July 2012

Breaking Rules and Pointing Fingers.

India has the highest record of death due to road accidents and it is increasing year to year. This was reported in Global Status Report on Road Safety by World Health Organization.Who has to be blamed for this? Government or Law Enforcement or Citizens. Usually we consider larger issues like Drunk and Drive, Speeding as some of the cause but we should also take Smaller issues which leads to accident into consideration.

Indians are less knowledgeable towards Road Signs and Symbols. The Riders before obtaining a learners license will be taught of rules and regulations but they will forget at once they pass the test; they do not consider its importance and will not take it to their mind. If you ask riders to interpret a sign, they will find it so difficult. A person who follows the rules strictly will be forced to break the rules by other riders and he is the one who gets more scoldings than people who break rules.

The older generation often blames the younger generation for causing accidents but it is not true in all case. People from all age groups break the rules. The only difference is that the older generation does it in different method because they cannot attempt what the younger generation is doing. It is sad to note People who crossed their youth and has to be a role model for younger generation is so irresponsible in road.

People who crossed their youth can be divided into two groups.One group competes with the youth. When the yellow light is illuminated they raise their accelerators so that they can cross the signal before the red light is illuminated. When the red light is illuminated they try to occupy the front line and never stops before the stop line, they cross over the line and halt their vehicle on the Pedestrians crossings. The Pedestrians will find it difficult to cross before the illumination of green light.

When the green light is illuminated they at once raise their accelerators and move in a greater speed. The other group rides their vehicle very slowly and will not allow any vehicle to overtake them. Maintaining the vehicle is another important factor but no one cares about it before getting into the road they never check their brakes, petrol level, head light, indicators and especially do not adjust the rear mirrors and in some vehicle many important things will be lacking.

In India, No one cares about other riders; they take a sudden turn or cross the road without giving any signal or seeing the rear mirrors. They never care about going on a wrong side in one way and parking at no parking area. Vehicles will be parked in the road and they will open the doors of the vehicle suddenly without noticing anything coming behind them. Some vehicles will be parked on the corners of the road making other vehicles difficult to overtake,cross or turn in the road.

The riders will not care about warning board and carry passengers more than the limit.Factors like Drunk and Drive,            Speeding,Talking in Mobile,Chatting while driving,Friends riding side by side.Getting Tensed,Looking at the opposite sex and not concentrating on road should also be taken into consideration.The Government has to take steps to build planned roads and also the law enforcement should be given freedom to take severe action on those who break rules.

Everyone wishes a safe journey but whether everyone paves way for it is a question to be answered Citizens breaking the law for their self-gain and pointing the fingers on others will only cause more damage. In order to avoid road tragedies, Citizens of India should stop their blame game and everyone should be responsible in following the road rules.Traffic rules should be taught in educational institutions and examination should be conducted on road rules.  

Only Idiots break rules of the road.

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