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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Temporary Relaxation to Lifelong Stress.

Brother,4 Tea and 3 Cigarette’s shouted Chelladurai,a teenage boy.He usually spend his evening time in this tea shop along with his three close friends who were elder to him.The shopkeeper immediately came out of his store and placed a chair for Chelladurai and cleaned the bench for his friends.Chelladurai was the son of a wealthy landloard of the village situated in south of Tamil Nadu.In his village,his family was well respected due to their genorosity.Chelladurai does not have any bad character but all his friends had.

Chelladrai spends lot of money for his friends.As usual Chelladurai was in the tea shop one evening,a relative of him came running towards him crying and informed Chelladurai that his father is dead.Chelladurai was now left with his Mother and an elder sister.The whole village was in grief.In the mean time Chelladurai’s Uncle (father’s younger brother) who was a history sheeter hatched a conspiracy to kill the remaining members of his Brother’s family in order to acquire the wealth.

This conspiracy has reached the ears of Chelladurai’s friends and without any delay they escorted Chelladurai and his family to a city far from their village.The villagers were afraid to oppose Chelladurai’s Uncle because of his involvement in anti-social activities.In the city for the first time,Chelladurai witnessed the hardship of  life.He was so depressed about his future.In order to relive him from depression,his friends introduced him to smoking which he resisted at first but later yielded and became an addict.Chelladurai’s Mother and Sister started working for a mere amount in a nearby shop.Chelladurai with the funding from his friends and villagers pursued his studies and landed in a high salaried job.

Chelladurai never forgot the help he got from his friends and villagers.Chelladurai was not interested to return to his village but he helped his villagers to get employment in the city.Soon Chelladurai’s sister got married and Chelladurai fell in love with one of his colleague and married her.A son was born to Chelladurai.On hearing from the villagers that his son resembles like his Grandfather,Chelladurai was too proud of his son.Chelladurai admired his father a lot and he has took his father as a role model and talk about him among his friends often.

Chelladurai though well settled now,was unable to leave his smoking habit.Chelladurai’s wife often advice him to quit smoking saying that it is harmful to him.Chelladurai too wanted to get rid of it but his addiction towards it,has tied him tightly.Some of his colleagues advised him to meet a consultant in order to quit smoking.Chelladurai considered it as dignity and refused to do so.

One day he got a call,his whole body began to sweat.Hurriedly he went into his superior room and requested for half a day leave and left the office tensed without saying a word to anyone.Chelladurai directly went to the place from where he got a call.It was from a private hospital.In the call,his wife has informed him that their son was in a serious condition due to lung problem,within minutes of his arrival,his son was pronounced dead.Chelladurai demanded the cause for the death from the hospital authorities.Doctor’s who treated his son informed him that his son died due to  passive smoking.Chelladurai’s heart broke into pieces.

Chelladurai’s guilty conscious pricked him to a great extent.He thought of committing suicide but remembered his wife and Old Mother and left the thought.He was mentally disturbed and behaved abnormally.His colleagues brought him to a psychatrist and was made to undergo Psychatric treatment.After years of treatment he gradually turned to be a normal human being.He as a new being realised his mistakes and started an anti-smoking movement.Though he recovered from his abnormality,He is still haunted by the guilt of being the cause for his Child’s death who resembled like his father whom Chelladurai admired much.This incident has created a lifelong stress in him.

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